IIA Past Graduate Students (From 1990)

Mayuresh Sarpotdar

Sl no Name Year of PhD Supervisor PhD Thesis title
1. G.C.Anupama 1990 T. P. Prabhu Studies of Classical and Recurrent Novae
2. Maiyya Divakara 1993 T. P. Prabhu Star Formation in Giant Extragalactic H II Regions
3. R.T. Gangadhara 1993 Vinod Krishan Nonlinear Propagation of Intense Electromagnetic Waves in Quasar and Pulsar Plasmas
Sujan Kumar Sengupta
1996 A. Peraiah Transfer of Polarized Radiation in Astrophysical Context
5. M.Dikpati 1996 P.Venkatakrishnan The Evolution of Weak Diffuse Magnetic Fields of the Sun and the Heating of the Quiet Corona
6. Annapurani Subramanian 1996 Ram Sagar Studies of Star Clusters and Stellar Evolution
7. Uma Gorti 1996 H. C. Bhatt Studies of Proto Stars and Young Stellar Objects
8. B.Eswar Reddy 1996 M. Parthasarathy Studies of Post-AGB Stars and Proto-planetary Nebulae
9. Dipankar Banerjee 1996 S. S. Hasan Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena in Solar Atmosphere
10. R. D. Prabhu 1997 V. Krishan Exploring Inverse Cascade Scenarios in Astrophysical Turbulence
11. R. Ramesh 1998 R. Cowsik Multi Frequency Observations of the Outer Solar Corona with the Gauribidanur Radioheliograph
12. Charu Ratnam 1998 R. Cowsik Distribution of Dark Matter in the Galaxy


1998 Jagdev Singh Studies on the Solar Chromospheric Network
14. V.Krishnakumar 1998 P.Venkatakrishnan High Angular Resolution Imaging of Sun
15. Angom Dilip Kumar Singh 1998 B. P. Das A Study of the Electric Dipole Moment of Atoms
16. A. V. Thampan 1999 B. Datta Luminosities of Disk Accreting Non Magnetic Neutron Stars
17. Gajendra Pandey 1999 N. K. Rao Investigations of Hydrogen Deficient Stars and Related Objects
18. S.P.K.Rajaguru 1999 S. S. Hasan Radiative Transfer and the Dynamics of Small-scale Magnetic Structures on the Sun
19. Swara Ravindranath 1999 T. P. Prabhu A Study of Star Formation in Nearby Starburst Galaxies
20. S.G.Bhargavi 2001 R. Cowsik An Investigation into the Nature of Sources Associated with the Gamma Ray Burst Phenomena
21. Pavan Chakraborthy 2001 R. Vasundhara Investigations of Dust from Selected Comets
22. Sonjoy Majumder 2001 B. P. Das Study of Atomic and Molecular Many Body Processes in Astrophysics
23. R.Sridharan 2001 P.Venkatakrishnan Techniques for Achieving Higher Spatial Resolution
24. K. P. Geetha 2001 B. P. Das Relativistic many-body studies of Parity Non-Conservation (PNC) in heavy atomic ions
25. Dharam Vir Lal 2001 Prajval Shastry Seyfert Galaxies: Nuclear Radio Structure and Unification

Subhabrata Majumdar

2001 Pijush Bhattacharjee Probing Our Universe with Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect
27. Mangala Sharma 2002 T. P. Prabhu Effects of the Poor Cluster Environment on Galaxies
28. Sudip Bhattacharyya 2002 B. Datta and P. Bhattacharjee Temperature Profiles and Spectra of Accretion Disks Around Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars
29. B.S.Ramachandra 2003 C.V.Vishveshwara Black Holes in Cosmological Background
30. Geetanjali Gauba 2003 M.Partha Sarathy Study of Hot Post-AGB Stars
31. D. Suresh 2004 R. Cowsik Measurement of the Casimir-Polder Force at Sub-micro Distance Scales using an Atomic Beam
32. G. Rajalakshmi 2004 R. Cowsik Torsion Balance Investigation of the Casimir Effect
33. P. Manoj 2004 H. C. Bhatt Star Formation: Circumstellar Environment around Young Stellar Objects
34. Preeti Kharb 2004 Prajval Shastry A Pc-scale Study of Radio-loud AGN: The Fanaroff-Riley Divide & Unification
35. S.Ambika 2004 M. Parthasarathy Chemical Composition of Selected Metal Poor Stars
36. Maheshwar Gopinathan 2005 H.C.Bhatt Galactic Star Forming Regions and Young Stellar Objects
37. G. A. Shanmuga Sundaram 2005 K. R. Subramanian Imaging and spectral studies of solar type-I noise storms at metric wavelengths
38. K. V. P. Latha Submitted B. P. Das Many-body theory of Electric Dipole Moments and it's Implications for the Standard Model of Particle Physics.(submitted)
39. R.K.Banyal 2005 B. R. Prasad Data Storage and Retrieval using Photorefractive Crystals (Holographic Memories)
40. P. Shalima 2005 J. Murthy Studies of Interstellar Dust
41. M. Nayak 2005 R. Choudhury  
42. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo 2005 B. P. Das Coupled-Cluster Theory of Parity Nonconservation in Atoms
43. C. Kathiravan 2006 K.R.Subramanian  
44. Reji Mathew C. Thomas 2007 R. T. Gangadhara Emission of Radiation in Pulsar Magnetosphere owing to charged Particle Acceleration
45. Malay Maiti 2008 S. K. Sengupta Theoretical and Obervational Study of Sub Stellar Mass Object
46. M. Sampoorna 2008 K.N. Nagendra Polarized Line Formation in Turbulent and Scattering Media
47. H. S. Nataraj 2009 B. P. Das Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron & its Cosmological Implications
48. MATHEW, BLESSON 2010 Annapurni Subramaniam Study of Emission-line stars In Young Open Clusters
49. Tapan Mishra 2010 B. P. Das Quantum Phase Transition in Mixture of Ultracold Atoms
50. KARNATAKI, ABHAY 2010 Jayant Murthy Studies of diffuse Ultraviolet Radiation.
51. Nagaraju Krishnappa 2010 K. E. Rangarajan Spectropolarimetry of Active regions on Sun
52. G. Vigeesh 2010 S. S. Hasan Structure, dynamics and heating in magnetized region of solar atmosphere
53. SINGH, VEERESH 2011 Prajwal Shastri -
54. GIRJESH R. GUPTA 2011 Dipankar Banerjee On the Nature of Propagating MHD Waves in the Solar Atmosphere
55. RUMPA CHOUDHURY 2011 H. C. Bhat Young Stellar Objects (YSOs), Triggered Star Formation
56. RAMYA S. 2011 T. P. Prabhu Study of Star formation in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
57. Ananta Charan Pradhan 2011 Jayant Murthy Gas and Dust in the Magellanic Clouds
58. BHARAT KUMAR YERRA 2011 B. Eswar Reddy Study of Li-Rich K Gaints
59. VYAS A 2012 B. Raghavendra Prasad Astronomical Adaptive Optics
60. SUMANGALA RAO S. 2012 Sunetra Giridhar Spectroscopic Investigation of Post AGB & related objects
61. Madhulita Das 2012 R. K. Chaudhuri Applications of Relativistic Coupled Cluster Methods to Atomic systems
62. ANUSHA L. S. 2012 K. N. Nagendra Advanced numerical methods for polarized line radiative transfer
63. SUBRAMANIAN, SMITHA 2012 Annapurni Subramaniam Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Clouds
64. AMIT SHUKLA 2013 T. P. Prabhu Radiation mechanism of very high energy gamma ray sources.
66. CHANDRASHEKHAR K. 2013 Dipankar Banerjee Small-scale Transient events in the Solar Corona.
67. Arya Dhar 2013 Bhanu Pratap Das Novel Quantum Phases in Ultracold Atoms in Optical Superlattices Research Interest
68. Dinesh Kumar 2014 R. T. Gangadhara Geometry of Emission Region in Pulsars and Stokes Parameters
69. S. Krishna Prasad 2014 Jagdev singh
Dipankar Banerjee
Spectroscopic studies of coronal structures
70. Prashant Mohan 2014 Arun Mangalam Models for observational signatures of black holes
71. Bala Sudhakara Arumala Reddy 2014 Sunetra Giridhar Abundance Patterns of Old Open Clusters as Tracers of Galactic Chemical Evolution.
72. Ramya P. 2014 Bacham Eswar Reddy Study of stellar streams in the Galaxy
73. Rathna Kumar S. 2014 Stalin C. S. Determination of Hubble constant through monitoring of gravitationally lensed quasars
74. Hema B. P. 2015 Gajendra Pandey Observational Studies of Hydrogen Deficient Stars for Investigating Their Evolutionary Connections.
76. Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta 2015 R. Kariyappa Small scale magnetic features in the solar atmosphere.
77. Smitha H. N. 2015 K. N. Nagendra Analysis of the Second Solar Spectrum.
78. Sasikumar Raja Kantepalli 2015 R. Ramesh Radio Polarization Studies of Solar Corona at Low-frequencies.
79. Indu G 2015 Annapurni Subramaniam The Structure, Kinematics and Evolution of the Magellanic Clouds.
80. Subramania A. 2015 P. Sreekumar Study of lunar surface chemistry using Swept Charge Devices.
81. Manpreet Singh 2015 B. P. Das Theoretical studies of ultracold atoms in optical lattices and superlattices.
82. Arun Surya 2015 S.K.Saha Image Retrieval in Astronomical Interferometers Affected by Atmospheric Turbulence.
83. Anantha CH. 2015 T.Sivarani High Resolution Fiber Fed Echelle Spectrograph: Calibration and Characterisation for Precise Radial Velocities and Chemical Abundances.
84. Drisya K. 2015 Aruna Goswami Studies on Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor (CEMP) stars
85. Samyaday Choudhury 2016 Annapurni Subramaniam Study of Evolved Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Clouds
86. Sajal Kumar Dhara 2016 B. Ravindra Study of Evolution of Magnetic Inhomogeneity on the Sun using narrow band Imaging.
87. Vaidehi Sharan Paliya 2016 Stalin C. S. General physical characteristics of Gamma-ray emitting Beamed AGNs in Fermi era.
88. Avijeet Prasad 2016 Arun Mangalam Magnetic Helicity and Force-Free Properties of Astrophysical Magnetic Fields.
89. Sindhuja G. 2016 Jagdev Singh Study of solar chromosphere: Variation of Calcium K line profiles with solar cycle
90. Tarun Kumar Sharma 2016 P. S. Parihar Development of Instruments for Astronomical site Characterization and their Application.
91. Kishore Kumar P. 2016 C. Kathiravan Development of a Broadband Radio Spectropolarimeter for Solar Observations.
92. Supriya H. D. 2016 B. Ravindra Exploration of the depth dependent magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere through polarimetric studies
93. Sowmya K. 2016 K. N. Nagendra Scattering polarization as a tool to diagnose the magnetic structuring of the chromosphere, transition region and corona
94. Sangeetha C. R. 2017 S. P. Rajaguru Magnetoconvective Flows and Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere.
95. Shubham Srivastav 2017 G. C. Anupama Observational Studies of Low Redshift Supernovae
96. Tanmoy Samanta 2017 Dipankar Banerjee On the coupling between lower upper atmosphere of the Sun
97. Hariharan K. 2017 R. Ramesh Solar Radio Observations at low frequencies with high spectral and temporal resolution
98. Vidya G. 2017 Pravabati Chingangbam Geometrical and topological properties of CMB polarization fields.
99. Sreejith A. G. 2017 Jayant Murthy Studies of earth's atmosphere from space and near space.
100. Susmitha Rani Antony 2017 T. Sivarani Study of stellar relics from the early galaxy.
101. Honey M. 2018 Mousumi Das Evolution of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies.
102. Vaibhav Pant 2018 Dipankar Banerjee Dynamics of coronal transients as seen from space observations.
103. Srinivasa Prasannaa.V. 2018 B. P. Das The Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron (eEDM) in Mercury Halides Using the Relativistic Coupled Cluster Theory
104. Mageshwaran T. 2018 Arun Mangalam Physics of tidal disruption events around black holes.
105. Joice Mathew 2019 Jayant Murthy Ultra Violet Space Instrumentation and Studies of Astronomical Objects.
106. Ambily S 2019 Jayant Murthy Development of Detectors for Space Missions and Balloon Flights
107. Avinash Surendran 2019 P. S. Parihar Development of a Scalable Generic Platform for Adaptive Optics Real Time Control.
108. Nancy Narang 2019 Dipankar Banerjee Study of Small-Scale Features observed in Solar Atmosphere
109. N.Sindhu 2019 Annapurni Subramaniam Multiwavelength study of old open clusters: NGC 188
110. Joby P. K. 2019 Pravabati Chingangbam Confronting Physics of the Early Universe with Cosmological Observations.
111. Prasanta K Nayak 2019 Annapurni Subramaniam Study of Star cluster populations in the Magellanic Clouds
112. V. Mugundhan 2019 R. Ramesh Design of Digital Receivers for low Frequency Radio Astronomy
113. Subhamoy Chatterjee 2019 Dipankar Banerjee Characterizing Image Quality of Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope On Board Aditya L1-Mission and Long-term Study of The Sun
114. Ramya M Anche 2020 G.C. Anupama Determination of Polarimetric Capabilities of Astronomical Telescopes
115. Priyanka Rani 2020 C.S.Stalin Temporal and Spectral Characteristics of Active Galactic Nuclei in X – rays using NuSTAR
116. Rubinur Khatun 2020 Mousumi Das A Radio and Ultraviolt Study of Dual Nuclei in Galaxies
117. Singam Srikanth Panini 2020 P.Sreekumar Design and development of multilayer X-ray optics
118. Avinash Singh 2020 G.C. Anupama Observational study of a Core-Collapse Supernovae
119. Samrat Sen 2020 Arun Mangalam Twisted Magnetic Fluxtubes in the Sun
120. Nirmal K 2020 Jayant Murthy Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer and Associated Instrumentation for Space and Ground Observatories
121. Avrajit Bandyopadhyay 2020 T.Sivarani Study of Milky Way Halo stars and connection to globular clusters
121. Mayuresh Sarpotdar 2020 Jayant Murthy Development of UV astronomical instruments for balloon and space payloads
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