Tanmoy Samanta ( 2012 to 2017 )
Assistant Professor, IIA Bangalore, Karntaka, India
Post Ph.D Tenures :
  1. Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cologne, Germany

Thesis Details : On the coupling between lower upper atmosphere of the Sun with Dipankar Banerjee as guide.

Testimonials : I have completed my Ph.D. from the IIA in 2017. Afterward, I have spent two and half years at Peking University, China, and one year jointly at George Mason University and Applied Physics Laboratory Johns Hopkins University, USA as a postdoctoral researcher. In December 2020, I was awarded the prestigious NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Upon completing one year of my NPP fellowship, I left NASA to join the faculty position at IIA. For more details, please contact tanmoy.samanta@iiap.res.in