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Banyal Ravinder Kumar
Associate Professor
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I work in astronomy instrumentation and exoplanet science. We study different exoplanet populations and their bearing on stellar parameters such as elemental abundance, age, mass, spectral type, rotation, activity. This work is important to understand the diverse range of astrophysical conditions under which planets form and evolve. On instrumentation side, I am leading a collaborative effort between UCSC/USA and IIA to build a high-contrast infrared imager and integral field spectrograph (IFS) for the 10m W. M. Keck telescope in Hawaii. The extended infrared wavelength range (2-5 μm) of the instrument will explore a new discovery space and also study the exoplanetary atmosphere in more detail. Adaptive optics (AO) is another instrumentation area that I am currently working. Our goal is to develop basic AO capabilities for 2m class telescopes in IIA. Apart from research, I am also deeply passionate about public outreach and science communication. I believe, promoting scientific outlook among public is an important duty as envisaged in the Article 51 A of Indian constitution which call upon every citizen “to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.” Scientists owe it to society more than any one else.

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