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Prof.S.S.Hasan – elected Member of the OC of IAU Com.10


Prof.S.S.Hasan - 2nd VVN Memorial Lecture at Jamia Millia Islamia

Prof. S.S.Hasan

Prof.S.S.Hasan - JTM Gibson Award (2009) by the Mayo College Old Boy's Society, Ajmeer

Prof. C. Sivaram

1) Honourable mention in the essay competition of the Gravity
Research Foundation (Mass. USA) for his paper “Curvature, phase space,
holography and black hole entropy”

2) "Review of Particle Physics", which has been selected for inclusion in
an update of particle physics data.

Prof. G. C. Anupama

Prof. G. C. Anupama nominated by DST to visit Bulgaria within the
frame work of Indo-Bulgarian S & T Cooperation

Nagaraju. K.
Sreejith P., Nagaraju K., Sankarasubramanian K., Rangarajan K. E.

On the Magneto-convective origin of Light Bridges observed with Hinode,
Sreejith P., Nagaraju K., Sankarasubramanian, K., Rangarajan, K. E.
Paper from IIA-ISRO members has bagged the first prize of Rs.10,000/- at
Ooty NSSS meeting


Prof.S.K.Saha elected to the IAU Commission 54 Working group : Dictionary
of Interferometry Terminology


Prof. S. S. Hasan

Prof. S. S. Hasan - elected to the International Advisory Committee of the Royal
Astronomical Society, UK

Prof. S. S. Hasan

Prof. Hasan - elected President of the Alexander von Humboldt Association of Bangalore

Prof. Hasan - elected President of the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Bangalore

Prof.Hasan - Member of the Editorial Board of Physics News.

Prof.T.P.Prabhu and Prof.R.Srinivasan

Prof.T.P.Prabhu and Prof.R.Srinivasan: Adjunct Professors of ARIES for a period of 3 years from July 2008 to June 2011.

Prof.C Sivaram

Prof.C Sivaram has received `Honourable Mention' in the essay competition of Gravity Research Foundation (Mass. USA) for the year 2008, for his essay titled `OJ 287: New Testing Ground for General Relativity and Beyond'.

Ms Sampoorna

Ms Sampoorna - awarded DST Fellowship for attending the Meeting with Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany, June 2008

Sunetra Giridhar

Elected President of the IAU Commission 45 on Stellar Classification for 2006-2009


Elected President of the IAU Commission 45 on Stellar Classification for 2006-2009

V.K. Gaur

Awarded the 'M.N. Saha Birth Centenary Award' during the inaugural session of the 93rd Indian Science Congress on January 3, 2006 for the key role in the development of Science and Technology -- specifically Earth and Planetary Sciences.

R. Kariyappa

Selected as the Council Member for the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for a period of 3 years (2004-2007)

Jagdev Singh

Guest Professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has been presented the Scientific Achievement Award for his outstanding research activities on the Solar Corona at the Norikura Solar Observatory on May 28, 2004.

Ramanath Cowsik

Elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the US National Academy of Sciences on 20-4-2004 at the 141st annual meeting of the Academy for his seminal contributions to neutrino physics, gravitation and to almost every aspect of high energy astrophysics.

Sunetra Giridhar

Elected Vice President of the IAU Commission 45 on Stellar Classification for 2003-2006


Elected Vice President of the IAU Commission 29 on Stellar Spectra for 2003-2006


Awarded the Govt. of Karnataka's Sir. C.V. Raman Young Scientist Award for the year 2001 in Space Sciences.

Christina Birdie

Awarded the SLA Diversity Leadership Development Award for the year 2003.

C. Sivaram

Paper entitled "Black Hole Thermodynamics need not constrain variation of fundamental constraints" received Honorable Mention in the 2003, Gravity Research Foundation Essay Competition, Massachusetts, USA


Awarded the Astronautical Society of India Award 2000 - Space Science & Applications.

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