UltraViolet Imaging Telescope

Background and status

The Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope on Astrosat, aims to provide flux calibrated images of the sky at a spatial resolution of ~ 1.5 second of arc in two ultraviolet channels, FUV (1200-1800 A) and NUV (1800-3000 A), simultaneously with ~ 0.5 degree field of view. In addition to the two ultraviolet channels, simultaneous imaging is also done in the VIS (3500-5500 A). The ultraviolet range of 1200 - 3000 A, and visible range of 3500 to 5500 A would be covered through the use of broad and narrow band filters.

Some of the most interesting scientific aims of the proposed ASTROSAT involve multi-band observations in wavelengths extending from the hard X-rays to the visible band, e.g. correlated temporal variations in visible, UV, soft and hard X-ray bands to investigate origin and machanism of the emission of radiations in active galactic nuclei. Therefore, apart from the observations which are primarily designed for ultraviolet objects, a primary objective of the project is to provide the UV and visible band component of the multi-band observations of galactic and extragalactic objects.

News on UVIT

The Engineering Detector system for UVIT was fully tested by Canadian Space Agency and Routes, and delivered to University of Calgary for optical tests. ( The detector system for UVIT is being developed in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency.) Extensive optical tests were done at the University of Calgary ( see the EM Test Report) .
The system was delivered to IIA few days before end of the year 2008. At IIA the system was tested for its electrical and optical parameters ( see the EM Detector Test at IIA). The completion and successful testing of this detector is an important milestone for UVIT project. It is relevant to point out that this detector is built around a Near UV detector module, and that all the detectors ( for Visible, Near UV and Far UV channels ) are identical except for differences in the photo-cathode material used in the detector module. For more details, please see the test reports.

List of Documents for UVIT-PDR March 23-24, 2006

UVIT-PDR-001-Version 1.1

Overview of UVIT, and Responses To Minutes of BDR

UVIT-PDR-002-Version 1.0

Main Optics

UVIT-PDR-003-Version 1.0


UVIT-PDR-004-Version 1.0

Structure and Mechanical Interface with Satellite

UVIT-PDR-005-Version 1.0

Electrical Interface with Satellite

UVIT-PDR-006-Version 1.0

Filters and Filter Wheels

UVIT-PDR-007-Version 1.0


UVIT-PDR-008-Version 1.0

Thermal Control

UVIT-PDR-009-1-Version 1.0

Tests on Optical Components and Telescopes

UVIT-PDR-009-2-Version 1.0

Telescope Integration, Alignment and Tests

UVIT-PDR-009-3-Version 1.0

Tolerances and Error budget

UVIT-PDR-010-Version 1.0

On board Calibrations, Data Analysis and Archiving

UVIT-PDR-011-Version 1.0

Ground Calibrations of Detectors

UVIT-PDR-012-Version 1.0

Mission Operations

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