The following points will guide you in depositing your research papers in the IIA OAR.

Why deposit?
Who can deposit into IIA OAR?
What may be deposited into IIA OAR?
How to deposit?

Why deposit?

IIA OAR brings greater visibility and impact to your research as well as institution worldwide.

The early and open access to the research out put attracts more citations than traditionally published articles. *

* Kurtz, Michael J…[et al.]The Effect of Use and Access on Citation., Information Processing and Management: an International Journal - Special issue: Infometrics, Vol.41, No.6, 2005, pp. 1395-1402.

* Harnad, Stevan., Brody, Tim., Comparing the impact of Open Access (OA) vs Non-OA articles in the same journals., D-Lib Magazine 10(6), 2004

OA Repository ensures storage and provides long term access to your scholarly publication over internet.

It provides metadata to the materials that is searchable by widely used public search engines and web crawlers such as Google and Yahoo.

Students, and especially Distant learners and those who can’t have an access to published literature can benefit through IIA OAR which will increase the visibility and citation to IIA publications.

Who can deposit into IIA OAR?

The Faculty, Technical staff, and Students of Indian Institute of Astrophysics can deposit their scholarly publication into our IIA OAR.

What may be deposited into IIA OAR?
IIA OA Repository contains research output created by scientists & students of Indian Institute of Astrophysics. The following content may be deposited into IIA OAR,

  • Research Papers
  • Theses
  • Reports (Both published and unpublished)
  • Articles (General articles)
  • Conference Papers
  • Technical Reports
  • Images (Photographs and PowerPoint presentations)
  • Multimedia Files
  • Annual Reports
  • Newspapers Clippings

IIA OA Repository Supported File Formats:
Our IIA OA Repository will support several types of file formats. To know more about supported file formats please check the following link We would prefer PDF format for electronic documents.

What To Do If Your Format Isn't Listed in the above link:

If you have questions about a particular format to be uploaded, which is not listed, kindly contact IIA OA Repository Administrator at

How to deposit?

IIA OA Repository has a broad classification of Communities, Sub Communities and Collections. Only IIA affiliated publications will be accepted for online submission into repository. IIA OA Repository validates the user information with the content before putting into the public domain.

There are two ways to deposit the documents into IIA OA Repository,

1. Through E-mail
2. Self-Archiving

1.Through E-mail:

Kindly send the electronic copy of your article preferably in PDF format as an email attachment to with full bibliographic details such as title, author, journal name and DOI. In case the file size is more than 16MB, save it into recording media such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and handover to IIA Library staff.
IIA Library Staff will deposit the article into IIA OA Repository on behalf of you by checking the copyright requirements of various publishers, preparing the metadata and deposit.

2. Self-Archiving
To start Self-Archiving into IIA OA Repository please follow the procedure step by step,

Note: Kindly check the publisher’s copyright and embargo period through the following link ( or (, to know which version of your paper can be deposited into OA Repository such as pre-print, post-print, author version and publisher’s version/PDF.

1. Before depositing you should register with IIA OA Repository. To register, send E-mail to the administrator to create ID and Password and which collections you would like to deposit such as IIAP Publications, Archival Collections, IIAP Ph.D. Theses etc., (Kindly check the existing list of collections of our repository)

2. You will be provided with ID & Password by the OA Repository administrator through E-mail, and later you can edit your password if you want.

3. Login with your ID & Password into the Repository on Login IIAP Repository (Authorized Users) and Start a New Submission.

The 7 buttons on the top of the page, will navigate you through the submission process.

4. Next you need to select a collection you wish to deposit. Click on the arrow at the right of the drop-down box to see a list of Collections and select.

5.SUBMIT: Describe Your Item - Page 1: In this page, If your item consists of more than one file, check the box 'Check this box if your submission consists of more than one file' and click Next Button.

6.SUBMIT: Describe Your Item - Page 2 & 3: Here you have to fill full bibliographic details of your article, please ensure that you fill all the mandatory * fields. After you fill the form click Next to go to next screen.

7.SUBMIT uploaded File: Here you upload your article in PDF format from your local system.

8.SUBMIT: Verify Submission: This page lets you review the information you have entered to describe the item. To correct or edit information, click on the corresponding button on the right, When you are satisfied that the submission is in order, click on the "Next" button to continue.

9.SUBMIT: License: IIA OA Repository requires agreement to this non-exclusive distribution license before your item can appear on repository. Please read the license carefully. If you have any questions, please contact your Repository administrator.

10.SUBMIT: Submission Complete: This is the last step in the submission process to ensure it is completed.

11. Currently, the already peer-reviewed research articles only are uploaded in the IIA Repository, hence the process of editing and reviewing is automatic and the final archiving is done immediately.

Stopping during the Submission Process:

At any point in the submission process you can stop and save your work for a later date by clicking on the "cancel/save" button at the bottom of the page. The data you have already entered will be stored until you come back to the submission, and you will be reminded on your "Submit e-print" page that you have a submission in process. If somehow you accidentally exit from the submit process, you can always resume from your "Submit e-print" page. You can also cancel your submission at any point.

If you have any doubts or clarifications please contact the administrator at

Last updated on: March 25, 2019