Partial Solar Eclipse at Bangalore

Partial solar eclipse at Bangalore (13° N 77.60°E)
Magnitude at mid eclipse : 0.71968

Date Time (UT) Alt
Start of partial Eclipse: 2009/07/21 23:59:42.3* -08.2°
Mid eclipse : 2009/07/22 00:50:38.6 +03.2°
End of partial eclipse: 2009/07/22 01:46:59.9 +16.2°

IST= UT + 05:30 hrs.


This year there have already been two eclipses - of the Sun on Jan 26 and of the Moon on Feb 9 respectively. During July/August 2009, we shall be witnessing three eclipses in a row. However, there is nothing to be alarmed about. The orbits and positions of the Moon and the Earth with respect to the Sun can make it happen. In fact two consecutive eclipses in a year are more common. A lunar eclipse happens on a Full Moon day. A solar eclipse takes place on a New Moon day. The last time triple eclipses took place was in the year 2000. Ever since, there have been many doubles in the subsequent years.

In the year 2009, the triplet occurs as follows:

1. Jul 7, 2009 Penumbral lunar eclipse - it occurs during 14:08 - 16:09 hrs IST and so, not visible from India.
2. Jul 22, 2009 Total solar eclipse - starting early morning; total eclipse is to be visible from locations in India falling in the path of totality; partial eclipse will be visible all over India; for more details please visit
3. Aug 6-7, 2009 Penumbral lunar eclipse - it occurs during 04:34 - 07:44 hrs IST on the 7th Aug, visible from India around Moonset time.

The sixth eclipse of the year will be a partial lunar eclipse, on the night of Dec 31, 2009/Jan 1 2010. It shall occur during 22:47 - 02:58 hrs IST and therefore be visible from India.

- R C Kapoor

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