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Sur Sharanya
Associate Professor
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I am a theoretical astrophysicist with research interests in the origin and evolution of astrophysical magnetic fields with particular emphasis on magnetic fields in galaxies and galaxy clusters. I also dabble in primordial star formation. The main tools of my work involve planning, development and performing direct numerical simulations of astrophysical turbulence and magnetic fields using publicly available massively parallel MHD codes which often needs to be modified in terms of addition of new modules to suit my science goals.
I also use semi-analytical methods wherever applicable, depending on the problem at hand. Apart from these, I am also interested in advanced numerical techniques in fluid flows.

If you are a student looking for possible PhD projects, please get in touch with me. Candidates looking for postdoctoral positions with similar research interests and background are also encouraged to discuss with me before applying. I am also interested to host postdoctoral fellows under N-PDF scheme.

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