Graduate Studies

The Indian Institute of Astrophysics operates a vigorous programme of graduate studies which forms a vital component of research and training. The graduate studies programme is overseen by the BOARD OF GRADUATE STUDIES, which takes care of the academic and related activities of the Ph.D. students as well as the students visiting IIA under the various training programmes. The Institute is also a major partner in the Joint Astronomy Programme (JAP), organized by the Indian Institute of Science.

Presently the institute has several graduate students working for the Ph.D. degree in diverse areas of Astrophysics and Physics. Some of the institute's past students are now working in prestigious National/International institutes. The list of past students can be found in the alumni page.

The Board of Graduate Studies
  • Professor R. T. Gangadhara (Chairman)
  • Dr. B. Ravindra (Member , Coordinator for PhD program)
  • Professor C. Muthumariappan (Member)
  • Professor A. Goswami (Member , Coordinator for PhD program)
  • Professor T. Sivarani (Member)
  • Dr. S. P. K. Rajaguru (Member, Coordinator for JAP)
  • Dr C. S. Stalin (Member, Coordinator for Internship, Summer project & School)
  • Dr. U.S.Kamath (Convenor)
  • Dr. M. Sampoorna (Member)
  • Dr. Subinoy Das (Member)
  • Mr. S. Nagabhushana (Member ,Coordinator for Engineering degree projects)
  • Mr. Tridib Roy (Student representative)
  • Ms. Sireesha Chamarthi (Student representative)

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